Aliases: Alicee ♥ Pronouns: She/They ♥ 21


You can contact me through Twitter or discord~!
Twitter: @Aliceewalicee
Discord ID: Alicee#2015
♥ Serious inquiries only, please! Also please be direct in DMs! I am less likely to respond to a request if there is little to no info about the commission request.
♥ If you want to see my progress on your commission and the queue, be sure to check the Queue tab! I update it frequently.

Terms and Conditions

♥ MUST HAVE EXISTING REFERENCE SHEET OR CHARACTER IMAGE Creating a character from photos and description will cost more as it takes more revisions and work than if a reference sheet is already provided.

♥COMMISSIONS ARE NOT A FIRST COME FIRST SERVE- I choose which commissions to work with depending on the availability of references, time needed to complete a commission, and other factors.

♥ I will send the full art file through email or discord unless clarified to receive the file in a different format.

♥ Once a piece is complete, the artwork is yours and you are free to post it! Credits is always appreciated. I don't often post commissions I've worked on, however, If I do, I'll be sure to ask for permission from the commissioner ahead of time. Commission pieces will sometimes end up on my commission site as examples for future commissions.

I only allow three small revisions to be made after the sketch phase, any more revisions will be subjected to a fee as it is time-consuming to go back and edit drawings past the sketch phase.

♥ Commissions take 1-2 weeks to complete, depending on complexity and backlog So if you require your commissions to be completed by a certain date, please tell me up front so I can see if I will be able to finish in time!

♥ Rushed commissions are available and are subject to fees depending on the time frame I have to work with.

Redistribution & Payment

♥ I only accept commissions through Ko-Fi / PayPal Invoice I ask to be paid upfront and will only start on the piece once payment has been processed.

♥NO REFUNDS ARE ALLOWED UNLESS THE PIECE HAS NOT YET BEEN STARTED- When commissioning me, you acknowledge that I do not offer refunds if the piece has been started. Also please be patient with me when commissioning me, I always try to inform the commissioner if anything occurs that will delay the time frame when the pieces should be finished.

♥You're not allowed to redistribute or resell these commissions.

♥Please give credit to me (@aliceewalicee) as the artist whenever possible.


♥ When an order has been sent through DM's:

♥I will ask for more details on the commission, this includes showing refs, images, etc.- If you're planning on commissioning, please have some sort of idea on what you want, the more details included, the better!

♥ After details are sorted, I'll send an invoice and won't start the piece until payment has been received.

♥Once payment has been processed, I'll be sending over sketches (this can take to a few days depending on how many people are in the queue!) I'll send over the sketches for review, here the commissioner can ask for edits to be made. Can make as many revisions as necessary during the sketch phase, however, if it's too much work, a fee will be added as it can be time-consuming. After the sketch phase, only two additional small revisions can be made.

Do's & Dont's

♥ I reserve the right the decline/turn down a commission request if I believe I am unable to fulfill it, find the request hateful/offensive or feel uncomfortable in any way.
♥ I am NOT willing to draw any of the following:
-Hate symbols
-Complex Mecha
-realistic portraits
-"Replicate" another artist's style.
♥ I am fine with just about anything else! This includes drawing people OC's, Gift art, Fanart of creators or characters from shows, etc.
♥Lastly, PLEASE be patient when it comes to updates, I am always trying my best to get to everyone's commissions as fast as I can.

I reserve the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at any time without acknowledgement from you. By commissioning me, you agree to all of the above Terms and Conditions.

Current Commission Status: Open


Icons: $20+

♥ Background includes a single color or a simple design like clouds- any detailed background wanted will cost more starting at $10+
♥ Characters with Mecha or very complex designs will cost more
♥ Additional character will cost $30

Waist Up

Waist Up: $65

♥ An additional $35 for an additional character added
♥ Backgrounds include a simple, color or background (like clouds). More complex ones will cost more depending on the background details.


Emotes: $30

♥Each emote has a transparent background and is sized for twitch.
♥Can draw props, characters, animals etc.
♥More complex character designs will cost more
♥Price includes commercial fees.

VRoid Vtuber Avatars

VTuber Avatars: $300+

♥ Each Avatar is custom made for what you want.
♥ I can add accessories, tails, animal ears, etc.
♥ More complex character designs will cost more
♥ I can also make it to be able to use with Apple Blendshapes, will cost $50 extra.